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Headquarters E-mail

Studio 712-454-7607

Wrong number -OU812

Random number  3

Jenny’s number 867-5309


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If your interested in advertising on Code Zero Radio, please feel free to e-mail us for rates. Since we are not a traditional radio station with a lot of overhead, our rates are very economical and a perfect fit for businesses or organizations with a focused budget. From web banners to scheduled ads to on air reads and content sponsorship we have you covered! All production elements are done in house.

And, as always, ads for small businesses owned and operated by our veterans are done at no charge. Our way of saying Thank You!







    …..Personalities & Show Contact…..



    Host – ZipCodeZero

    Neal Roberts
    News Production

    Russet Burbank
    Weather Guessing and Predictions

    Andy McNamara
    Host-‘Mid Life Crisis’

    Joel Ziegler
    Host – ‘ High Anxiety Radio ‘

    Bear on the Air
    Host – ‘ AmpedUp! ‘

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