Ike Arumba is a fountainhead of creative impulse that brings a range of experience to CZR. Since the 1970s he has performed alongside, opened for, swilled, smoked, snorted, and God only knows what else with a few international stars as well as innumerable everyday journeymen and hacks. A now-reformed gonzo entertainment and trial lawyer with client and litigation credentials almost as impressive as his ability to practice law and conduct trials impeccably while stoned out of his mind, he was the first recording contract law and negotiation course instructor at the Art Institute of Seattle during the Seattle grunge explosion. He fronts his band, Ike Arumba and the Infidels, was a member of Nashville recording act Renegade, and performs solo and occasionally as a side man with various other acts, from rock to polka-fusion. Ike loves everybody, oh yes he does, even you! Listen in and you too will say “I like Ike”! Ike answers your emails on air!

Every Tuesday night at 9 pm Central. Listen on your desktop or download our app from your android or iPhone store.

The Latest Ike Arumba Episode

The Ike Arumba Show #43 (now one hour!)

This Weeks Music

Zeke – Mainline

The Bobby Lees – Monkey Mind

The Dan The D – Dang The Robots

The Lately – Hard Enough

The Young Love Scene – Sunnycide

The Royal Blue – Greedy Jane

Les Claypool – The Rumble Of The Diesel

The Dead Lizards – My Small Affection

Smoke It And See – Everyone’s A Rockstar

Ike Arumba & The Infidels w/Amelia Ford – Strange Love Thing

Pudge – All Tied Up

Jean Jacques Perrey – The Minuet of the Robot

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  1. Congrats, Ike, on this new venture! Looking forward to more.

    1. Author

      Thanks for tuning in Tony!

  2. Thanks for the spin Ike! Looking forward to our next Rock and Roll adventure!
    Love Spiders

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