Hey all! Thanks for dropping by. My show ZipCodeZero has actually been around longer than the station!

ZipCodeZero is a vehicle to introduce listeners to the new artist that a are put into rotation every week. Three times a week I’m LIVE and four days a week the recorded Replay is in the schedule at 2 pm Central to give our listeners across the pond to listen in at a decent hour.

Current ZipCodeZero Replay Track List

The ZipCodeZero Replay airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm C

I will be on a brief hiatus while we relocate. In the meantime, how about some past ZipCodeZero classics!

From the week of Dec 15th, 2021

“Lost In Society”,”Wrong Direction”
“Modern Mimes”,”Karmic Fortune”
“Ratchet Dolls”,”Out Of Control”
“3 Finger Betty”,”They Live, We Sleep”
“Good Devils”,”9 To 5″
“Resurrection Mary”,”Here Comes The West”
“Chestnut Grove”,”Sugarmilk”
“Caffeine”,”Consolation Prize”
“Uncle Doghouse”,”Roll Back The Years”
“The Modern Era”,”Out Of Time”
“The Magic Es”,”How Do You Sleep”
“October Rage”,”Silver Line”
“Latenight Honeymoon”,”The Causeway”
“Fenix TX”,”Bending Over Backwards”
“The Lately”,”Behind The Scenes”
“Hadnot Creek”,”Liars In Love”
“Horizons Edge”,”A New Day Will Dawn”
“Dead Reynolds”,”P.S (I Loathe You)”
“Hot Soles”,”Lead On”
“The Edge Of Reason”,”Satori”
“Red Line Chemistry”,”Ultragigantor”
“Ian Abel Band”,”All For Love”
“Small Town Titans”,”Let Me Breathe”
“American Fangs”,”Man In The Sun”
“The Hawkeyes”,”Now Or Never”
“Sonic X”,”Christmas Song”
“Spar Marta”,”Let It Go”

Aired 12/3/19 a “theatrical” production of the concept album “Glorified” by Second Player Score. Music by Second Player Score. Narration by Tiffany Terwilliger. Produced at Tailwind Audio Production.

Second Player Score – Glorified Radio Production

My First Music Video

This is a video I shot just using my cell phone, a song I had recorded a few years earlier and whatever props I could utilize in my studio. It was really just a challenge to see if I could get past the conceptual stage. Editing was done with VSDC Video Editor. The most important thing I learned was that producing video sucks up all your resources on the average PC. My next project is a song about laundromats and car washes.

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      Its not bad once the meds kick in.

  1. I love the station and all the new music!!!

    1. Author

      Thanks for tuning in! I think its pretty awesome myself (but I might be biased)

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