Hey all! Thanks for dropping by. My show ZipCodeZero has actually been around longer than the station!

ZipCodeZero is a vehicle to introduce listeners to the new artist that a are put into rotation every week. Three times a week I’m LIVE and four days a week the recorded Replay is in the schedule at 2 pm Central to give our listeners across the pond to listen in at a decent hour.

The Numbers

After languishing on the internet for about five years, Code Zero Radio is finally gaining some traction. Two factors responsible for this. One, I switched to a new platform at the beginning of the year. It allows others to broadcast directly from a browser window instead of having to invest in software and licenses. That lead to reason number two. When Andy, Joel and most recently Bear joined the schedule, our listenership has steadily tracked upward. Each show is unique and intriguing. These are exciting times for the station and just recently coming off our remote broadcast from the Mile Of Music in Appleton, it appears more great things are on the horizon. So tell your friends, family and postal carrier that they can discover oodles of new music on Code Zero Radio.

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