Hey all! Thanks for dropping by. My show ZipCodeZero has actually been around longer than the station!

ZipCodeZero is a vehicle to introduce listeners to the new artist that a are put into rotation every week. Two times a week I’m LIVE and three days a week the recorded Replay is in the schedule on Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 2 pm Central to give our listeners across the pond to listen in at a decent hour. You can also listen to the show on demand by downloading our app from your app store.

The Replay – Available on demand in our app! Google Play Store and Apple Store

Aired 12/3/19 a “theatrical” production of the concept album “Glorified” by Second Player Score. Music by Second Player Score. Narration by Tiffany Terwilliger. Produced at Tailwind Audio Production.

Second Player Score – Glorified Radio Production

My First Music Video

This is a video I shot just using my cell phone, a song I had recorded a few years earlier and whatever props I could utilize in my studio. It was really just a challenge to see if I could get past the conceptual stage. Editing was done with VSDC Video Editor. The most important thing I learned was that producing video sucks up all your resources on the average PC. My next project is a song about laundromats and car washes.

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