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The Schedule

  • Everyday at 1 pm – Fresh Rox ft. the latest adds to rotation
  • Monday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/ Bob Minter
  • Tuesday 7 pm – Amped Up! w/Bear
  • Wednesday 7 pm(ish) – High Anxiety Radio w/ Joel Ziegler
  • Thursday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/Bob Minter
  • Thursday 9 pm – Midlife Crisis w/ Andy McNamara
  • Friday 9 pm – The Mosh Pit (Metal and Hard Rock)
  • Saturday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • Saturday 9 am – Core w/ Andy McNamara
  • Sunday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • News – four times a day 5 & 11 am/pm
  • Weather – 12, 3, 6, 9 am & 12, 4, 10pm

Top 20 Plays on WCZR

November 2021

1Stand Amongst GiantsHave You Got Soul
2The Independent VariableYour Best Was Too Good
4BaabesBad Boy, Worse Drugs
5Bleed AgainSign Of Fire
6LeadfingerThe Fall Of Rome
7Silhouette CitiesEnough
8Grand SplendidMagic
9Sons Of KongDon’t Wanna Say
11NightbladeFeeding the Reel
12Back On EarthRunaway
13DangereensLove Jive
14Slumlord RadioBullwhip
15Nick BarkerHell Sux
16TAEMatches Burn
17The KutAnimo
19CavalcadeDreaming About
20Delyn GreySet Me Free


  1. How do we get more play? Love the station no matter what DJ Bob!!!

  2. We always rock WCZR at launch control Space X!

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