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The Schedule

  • Everyday at 1 pm – Fresh Rox ft. the latest adds to rotation
  • Monday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/ Bob Minter
  • Tuesday 7 pm – Amped Up! w/Bear
  • Tuesday 7 pm – The Ike Arumba Show w/Ike Arumba
  • Wednesday 7 pm(ish) – High Anxiety Radio w/ Joel Ziegler
  • Thursday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/Bob Minter
  • Thursday 9 pm – Midlife Crisis w/ Andy McNamara
  • Friday 9 pm – The Mosh Pit (Metal and Hard Rock)
  • Saturday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • Saturday 9 am – Core w/ Andy McNamara
  • Sunday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • News – four times a day 5 & 11 am/pm
  • Weather – 12, 3, 6, 9 am & 12, 4, 10pm

Top 20 Plays on WCZR

April 2022

1rUDE 72Don’t Take Him
2Sons Of KongDon’t Wanna Say
3Nicholas RaymondCinci
4PudgeBleeding Out
5TENEMENTTaking Everything
6TAEMatches Burn
7The LatelyFourth Of July
8The Hook UpHold Your Breath
9Cory Chisel And The Wandering SonsNever Meant to Love You
10Girl & The GunnBattle Lines
11BlackBelt YellobelliFor You
12WillisJimmy Fallon: The Plan
13DuskEyes in Dark Corners
14Tom ThielSatellite
15The Wishbone BreakersTasty Failure
16Jay StuloCarolina
17PudgeAll Tied Up
18Beach PatrolStarcrossed Girl
19The Royal BlueBig Bad Cake
20TenementCrop Circle Nation

Last Month

1Tom ThielSatellite
2Horace GreenGrizzly
3DuskThe Names You Got
4WillisJimmy Fallon: The Plan
5BlackBelt YellobelliFor You
6Sons Of KongDon’t Wanna Say
7Amelia FordOutlaw Out Loud
8TUKStereo City (Just Stay Home)
9Beach PatrolMaking Waves
10Spy vs SpyClown in Town (Extended)
11The LatelySleep It Off
12Amos PitschAcid Rain
13Christopher GoldThe River
14Start From ScratchProud 4 You
15Beach PatrolStarcrossed Girl
16Beach PatrolStruggle
17The LatelyHigh Heels
18Horace GreeneFevers
19PudgeAll Tied Up
20TurdleheadFeelin’ Fine


  1. How do we get more play? Love the station no matter what DJ Bob!!!

  2. We always rock WCZR at launch control Space X!

  3. I’m never under the weather when Fox Cities Core is on!

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