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The Schedule

  • Everyday at 1 pm – Fresh Rox ft. the latest adds to rotation
  • Monday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/ Bob Minter
  • Tuesday 7 pm – Amped Up! w/Bear
  • Wednesday 7 pm(ish) – High Anxiety Radio w/ Joel Ziegler
  • Thursday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/Bob Minter
  • Thursday 9 pm – Midlife Crisis w/ Andy McNamara
  • Friday 9 pm – The Mosh Pit (Metal and Hard Rock)
  • Saturday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • Saturday 9 am – Core w/ Andy McNamara
  • Sunday 7 am – Code Zero Cafe (Acoustic and Light Rock)
  • News – four times a day 5 & 11 am/pm
  • Weather – 12, 3, 6, 9 am & 12, 4, 9 pm

Top 20 Plays on WCZR

August 2021

1TAEMatches Burn00:03:53
2The RoutineDo It For You00:03:10
3Jet Black MotorcadePerfectly Famous00:03:43
4The Wishbone BreakersWheel of Life00:02:56
5Tom ThielThe Armchair Astronaut00:02:55
6Start From ScratchProud 4 You00:04:14
7Ethan Luck and The IntrudersLeave You Behind00:03:30
8Slumlord RadioHoly Smokes00:03:41
9Broken GoldBottom Of The Pool00:03:44
10Dead ReynoldsBring it Down00:03:36
11Girl & The GunnBattle Lines00:03:27
12PudgeWhat’s the Use00:02:56
13Captain IvoryNever Mine00:05:24
14Yellow Dog ConspiracyReaching for the Stars00:03:26
15More Then MerryPanic!00:04:05
16Red BeltThrow Away00:03:40
17StrategicBeside Me00:03:01
18AncarAChanges Come00:04:36
19Erica DriveBetter Man00:03:54
20Bruiser QueenSugar High00:03:39


  1. How do we get more play? Love the station no matter what DJ Bob!!!

  2. We always rock WCZR at launch control Space X!

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