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The Schedule

  • Everyday at 1 pm – Fresh Rox ft. the latest adds to rotation
  • Monday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/ Bob Minter (currently on hiatus)
  • Tuesday 7 pm – Amped Up! w/Bear
  • Wednesday 7 pm(ish) – High Anxiety Radio w/ Joel Ziegler
  • Thursday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/Bob Minter (currently on hiatus)
  • Thursday 9 pm – Midlife Crisis w/ Andy McNamara
  • Saturday 9 am – Core w/ Andy McNamara
  • News – four times a day 12, 6 am & pm
  • Weather – eight times a day 12, 3, 6, 9 am & pm

Top Plays on WCZR

March 2021

1Devils TeethRide of the Devils Teeth
2Christopher GoldDevils
3The Hook UpHold Your Breath
4Twenty One GramsIn My Head
510 GaugeI’m Broken
6Trident WatersFutility
7Initial MassReason To Take
8Blud Red RosesFalling
9Justin LarnerHot And Dangerous
10Pistols At DawnVoices
11Reluctant ZeroHurt No More
12Gordon TaggartBe The Ones
13MetalomaniacsHold You
14BlueanimalRock Bottom
15Zeroed HeroRise
16Jim Kirkpatrick61 & 49
17Zeroed HeroRise Up
19Wild HorseEager
20They Fell From The SkyDry


  1. How do we get more play? Love the station no matter what DJ Bob!!!

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