The Schedule

  • Everyday at 1 pm – Fresh Rox ft. the latest adds to rotation
  • Monday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/ Bob Minter
  • Tuesday 7 pm – Amped Up! w/Bear
  • Wednesday 7 pm(ish) – High Anxiety Radio w/ Joel Ziegler
  • Thursday 7 pm – ZipCodeZero w/Bob Minter
  • Thursday 9 pm – Midlife Crisis w/ Andy McNamara
  • Saturday 9 am – Core w/ Andy McNamara
  • News – four times a day 12, 6 am & pm
  • Weather – eight times a day 12, 3, 6, 9 am & pm

Top Plays on WCZR

Final For December


1Wanted ManThe HawkeyesEver For After
2Locked & LoadedVoodoo MoonshineBottom Of The Barrel
3RiseCraving StrangeRise
5The CurseAs Strange As AngelsSingle
6CocoCoastal Fire DeptRadio E.P.
7They Live, We Sleep3 Finger Betty3 Finger Betty EP,
8Where Did You GoMad HavenSingle
10VoicesDead ReynoldsSingle
11Let Me BreatheSmall Town TitansThe Ride
12Johnny JeffMaxwell AvenueHappily Never After
13Atomic GrooveShaw Davis & The Black TiesTales From The West
15Distant StarFragile CreaturesPunk Yacht
16Old FamiliarThe Young HeartsSingle
17UnstoppableIgnite The FireThe Fallout
18The FallOrtarioSingle
19Burst My BubbleMonster Eats The PilotSingle
20AfterglowAs December FallsHappier

We are listed on Raddio as well!


  1. How do we get more play? Love the station no matter what DJ Bob!!!

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